MISSOURI COLLECTION: Ilasco Collection – “Open Casket” (Unknown)

ILASCO, MO – This is the funeral of John Bosani, Viglasky, one of the founders of the Dr. Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church, where this funeral was held. John had immigrated to Ilasco in 1907, joined in 1908 by his wife Susie and their two children, Paul and Anna. John was one of the many immigrant quarry workers. The attendees at this funeral are identified, left to right, as follows: row 1 (seated on ground) – Anna Luptak, Susan Luptak, John Mojzis, and Mildred Viglasky (daughter) ; row 2 – Mary Herska (partially seen on left), John Luptak, Anna Konopova, Mary Slezak, Mary Babyak Mazolo, Maria Polc, Mary Mojzis, Mary Hustava, Anna Viglasky (daughter), Paul Viglasky (son), Susan Viglasky (wife), John Viglasky, Jr. (son), Stephan Polc, Matthew Gasko, Steve Valach, John Slancik, Mary Slancik, John Slancik, George Besina, John Gazur, Maria Zivicky, Anna Luptak, unknown, Mary Sunderlik, Steve Viglasky (son), George Zivichy, John Kuzma, Reverend Juraj Majoros, Rev. ? Waltz, Eva Valach, John Bozalka, Mary Chmelko, Steve Valentik, Steve, Tkacik, Anna Valentik and Ilonka Karabin.

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