LOUISIANA COLLECTION: George Francois Mugnier – “Bar, Hotel Royal” (1890-1910′s)

Bar, Hotel Royal [Old St. Louis Hotel].

Photographer: George Francois Mugnier

“The first recorded transaction for this property occurred on May 12, 1784 when Francisco Landreaux petitioned for his share of this parent’s estate. The estimated value at that time was 3,000 pesos.

In 1833 a home was constructed on the site for Honore Landreaux Jr., a direct descendant of the original landowners and designed by Correjoiles and Chaigneau.

Until the 1940’s the building remained a private home. In the 1950’s part of it was transformed into a public “washateria” or laundromat. In the 1960’s the building was refurbished and reopened as a hotel, The Nobel Arms Inn.”

Room-by-room, $500,000 restoration to begin in June 2001 by renowned architect and interior designer Lee Ledbetter, including the addition of a large restaurant space. Original artwork by local artist Edward Whiteman will be created to complement the design of the guest rooms and public spaces.

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