“L.A. WATTS RIOTS” (1966)

NOV 14 1966
‘Where the Action Was’
Young men danced atop a bus taken over by riotous youths and girls in Saturday night’s riot in Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. About 1,000 youngsters took part in the riot, throwing rocks and bottles, assaulting police and trying to set fires. Forty-four were arrested. The incident began as a protest against recently strict enforcement of the country and city 10 p.m curfew. Teen-agers said they have a civil right to “hang around together where the action is.”

MAY 20 1966
Angry People Demonstrated At Inquest
Protestors displayed placards from Mississippi.
Watts Erupts After Inquest
A wave of shooting, rock – throwing and beating erupted last night in racially restive South-Central Los Angeles, aroused by an unruly inquest into the police shooting of a Negro motorist and a new incident, the wounding of a Negro burglary suspect.

MAR 16 1966
Los Angeles Police Cleared Watts-Area Street
Residents were ordered to stay home or be arrested.