Schepp’s Minstrel Revue

Original professional group photo of “Schepp’s Minstrel Revue” which included blackface performers, featuring Grover Scheppelman (d. 2-27-1938) of Louisville KY. Grover is the gentleman in the center of the photo. 8″x10″ Silver Gelatin Photo by: Schumacher, Nashville TN (Possibly pre 1920)

Grover also toured with Al G. Field Minstrels, and Lasses White Allstar Minstrels during and after his years with Schepp’s Circus.

Grover and his brother Chas. aka Charles had many different incarnations as entertainers and performers; we’ve found items dated as early as 1907 in the collection. Some of the names one, or both, performed under include The Bluegrass Comedian, Schepp Bros. Dog & Pony Show , Schepp’s Circus, Schepp’s Comedy Circus, Schepp’s Society Circus and Schepp’s Minstrel Revue.

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