PRISON COLLECTION: “Bridewell Prison Break” (1964)

Bridewell Prison Break, Knotted Sheets, 1964. Several inmates of the Cook County jail, also known as Bridewell Prison, escaped from the cells via knotted sheets and lowered themselves from an upper story window that wasn’t well sceured. Later, one of the escapees, Alex Greenberg, was shot outside a bar in Chicago. October 13, 1964 Offenders who were arrested in Chicago for less serious crimes, like public drunkenness, fighting, and disturbing the peace, were not held at the county’s jail. Instead, the City of Chicago was responsible for detaining them at the city Bridewell, (an old English word for a jail used to house inmates on a short term basis). Built in 1852 at Polk and Wells Streets, the Bridewell was located near what was then the city’s vice district. Inmates were rarely held there for more than several weeks.
Prison guard Richard Allen holding up the bar escaped prisoners used, October 13, 1964 at Bridewell House of Correction in Illinois.
Officers investigating the prison break at Bridewell House of Correction, October 13, 1964.

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