WESTERN COLLECTION: “Custer’s Crow Scout ‘Curley'” (1885)

Curley, Custer’s Crow Scout: Albumen Cabinet Photograph by D. F. Barry, Circa 1885. Curley (Ashishishe), one of the Crow (Apsaalooke) scouts assigned to Custer during the Sioux Wars. He is wearing traditional fur-wrapped braids, a tiered shell necklace, and an intent expression. Curley scouted for the Seventh Cavalry during the Little Bighorn expedition and was the first to report Custer’s defeat. He became a highly sought after media figure as he was an eye witness to the battle and was erroneously thought to be the only surviving witness from the U.S. side. Curley died in 1923, and is buried with other veterans of the battle at the Little Bighorn National Monument, near Crow Agency, Montana.

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