TA.TV: “Ginger” (1971)

GINGER (1970) She’s sinful. She’s seductive. She’s GINGER! Super spy GINGER lives only for the pleasures of danger and desire. Taking life head on with a vengeance, men fall prey to GINGER’s seduction as she goes undercover in a top secret assignment of high powered excitement. Falling into enemy hands, can GINGER rescue herself from […]

SEXPLOITATION COLLECTION: Russ Meyer – “Vixen” (1968)

*STUDIO/DATE: INDEPENDENT 1968 *STARS: Erica Gavin … Vixen Palmer Garth Pillsbury … Tom Palmer Harrison Page … Niles Jon Evans … Judd Vincene Wallace … Janet King Robert Aiken … Dave King Michael Donovan O’Donnell … O’Bannion Peter Carpenter … Mountie **Russ Meyer … Tourist (uncredited)

“Free, White & 21” (1963)

      Original 1963 National Screen Service 11″X14″ lobby cards and poster for Free White and 21 aka A Question of Consent.

“Savage Abduction” (1975)

Original 1975 National Screen Service photos for the low budget biker exploitation film Savage Abduction aka Cycle Psycho, The Bloody Slaying of Sarah Ridelander, The Abduction of Sarah Ridelander.

T.A.TV: Russ Meyer – “Fanny Hill” (1964)

A rare trailer for a lesser known film by Russ Meyer (Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, Vixen) his adaptation of John Cleland’s Fanny Hill. The film has yet to see a release on video in English though is available on DVD in Germany (I believe dubbed in German only). Directed by Russ Myer and Albert Zugsmith […]