[nggallery id=231] The Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry was a psychiatric hospital located in the Byberry neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. The name of the institution was changed several times during its history being variously named Philadelphia State Hospital, Byberry State Hospital, Byberry City Farms, and the Philadelphia Hospital for Mental Diseases. It was […]

Death Row Inmate with Electric Chair (1972)

Nashville TN – Death Row inmate who has lived in the shadow of death for two years, views the electric chair at the Tennessee State Prison after the Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty is unconstitutional, 6-29-1972.

PRISON COLLECTION: “Bridewell Prison Break” (1964)

Bridewell Prison Break, Knotted Sheets, 1964. Several inmates of the Cook County jail, also known as Bridewell Prison, escaped from the cells via knotted sheets and lowered themselves from an upper story window that wasn’t well sceured. Later, one of the escapees, Alex Greenberg, was shot outside a bar in Chicago. October 13, 1964 Offenders […]

PRISON COLLECTION: “Statesville Prison Joliet, Illinois” (1955-63)

Stateville Prison visitors filing into the visiting quarters, September 5, 1963 in Joliet, Illinois. Stateville Prison guard Aaron E. Carey checking visitors passes before allowing them through to the visiting room, September 5, 1963 in Joliet, Illinois. Lt. Perry R. Vaughn frisking a visitor before he is allowed to pass through the gate house in […]

CALIFORNIA COLLECTION: San Quentin Mugshots – “Alias Lord Ashburton” (1878)

George M. Saville alias Lord Ashburton alias H. Percy alias W.J. Hadley alias Charles Bertrand alias Big Griff was arrested in this city December 24th, 1878. He posed as an Englishman traveling for pleasure and uttered forged letters and checks on different Eastern Banks and also in Canada. Captain Lees arrested him in this city […]

TA.TV: Inner City – “Miami Mega Jail” (2010)

BBC Louis Theroux’s “Mega Miami Jail” Louis Sebastian Theroux (pronounced /θəˈruː/; born 20 May 1970) is an English broadcaster best known for his Gonzo style journalism on the television series Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends and When Louis Met…. His career started off in journalism and bears influences of notable writers in his family such as […]