WESTERN COLLECTION: “Custer’s Crow Scout ‘Curley'” (1885)

Curley, Custer’s Crow Scout: Albumen Cabinet Photograph by D. F. Barry, Circa 1885. Curley (Ashishishe), one of the Crow (Apsaalooke) scouts assigned to Custer during the Sioux Wars. He is wearing traditional fur-wrapped braids, a tiered shell necklace, and an intent expression. Curley scouted for the Seventh Cavalry during the Little Bighorn expedition and was […]

“American Indian Conference” (1961)

Jaunita Groves, Glen Lloyd and Stella LaRosa have a reunion for the first time in 40 years at the American Indian Conference at Soldier Field. The two women are of the Ute Tribe, Uintah and Ouray Reservation. June 18, 1961.

REVEREND ARTHUR COLLECTION: “Apache Women Sewing Society” (1916)

Photographer: Reverend James O. Arthur (James Osborne Arthur), Non-Indian, 1887-1971 Subject: Katherine Arthur (Katherine Rhoades/Katherine Magdeline Arthur/Katherine Gottberg), Non-Indian, 1883-1960 James Arthur, Jr. (James Osbourne Arthur, Jr./Jim Arthur), Non-Indian, 1915-2002 Donor: James A. Jacobs (Jamie Jacobs), Non-Indian Barbara J. Jacobs (Barbara Jane Arthur), Non-Indian Date Created: April 3, 1916 Catalog Number: N53228 Format: Nitrate negative […]

WISCONSIN COLLECTION: “Portrait of I-Me-Tacco” (1903)

Portrait of I-Me-Tacco (Little Dog) in native Dress and holding a pipe-tomahawk. Part of Siouan (Sioux) and Blackfeet Tribes January, 1903 Photographer: Gill, De Lancey W. From the De Lancey W. Gill Collection, Wisconsin Historical Society http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/whi/


Portrait of Goyathlay (One Who Yawns), called Geronimo, Medicine Man, Prophet and Leader, with Medal. Part of Athapascan, Chiricahua and Apache Tribes. Photographer: Delancey W. Gill From the Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of Ethnology: Native American Portrait Photographs, 1907 Collection Care of the Wisconsin Historical Society archives http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/whi/