Jim Morrison & The Doors

The Doors were an American rock band formed in 1965 in Los Angeles, with vocalist Jim Morrison, keyboardist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger, and drummer John Densmore. The band got its name, at Morrison’s suggestion from the title of Aldous Huxley’s book The Doors of Perception,[5] which itself was a reference to a quote made […]

Charlotte’s Ball



[mashshare] Charles Manson’s eerie ability to control his “family” of young hippies in California remains as mysterious and intriguing today as it did in 1969, when Manson orchestrated the infamous murders of Sharon Tate and Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. Many Manson Family members were sentenced to life in prison for participating in those murders, including […]

“Manson Family at Death Penalty Vigil” (1971)

Kitty (Kathryn Lutesinger), Sandra Good, Crystal (Maria Alonzo), and Mary (Mary Theresa Brunner) dubbed “the girls on the corner.” They shaved their heads along with Manson, Atkins, Krenwinkel, and Van Houten following the guilty verdicts. They told reporters: “You’d better watch your children because Judgment Day is coming!”

Guns by Mail (1963)

  JAN 29 1963 Guns-by-Mail Sales Probed Los Angeles Police Sgt. Kenneth Carpenter shows Sens. Thomas Dodd (D) of Connecticut, left, and Kenneth Keating (R) of New York a concealable repeating gun he said could be bought by mail by any child with a piggy bank who can draw the numerals 21 for his age […]


[nggallery id=138] The Watts Riots began on August 11, 1965, in Watts, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, when Lee Minikus, a California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer, pulled over African American Marquette Frye on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Minikus was convinced Frye was under the influence and radioed for his car to be impounded. Frye […]

LA COLLECTION: “Hot Rod Bandits” (1955)

Hot rod bandits, 30 November 1955. David Edward Price; Donald E. Robinson; Robert J. Sheppard; Berkley Bryant; Larry Gordon Harris (all copy mug shots). Caption slip reads: “Photographer: Glickman. Date: 1955-11-30. Assignment: Hot Rod Bandits. copy mugs. G 305: David Edward Price. G115: Donald E. Robinson. G116: Robert J. Sheppard. G117: Berkley Bryant. G118: Larry […]

LA COLLECTION: “St. John of God Robbery” (1958)

St. John of God robbery (narcotics and morphine), 11 March 1958. Caption slip reads: “Photographer: Gray. Date: 1958-03-12. Reporter: Decker. Assignment: Hospital robbery; St. John of God Hospital. 101 to 104: Brother Oliver McGivern and (negro) Jim Newsome, who were bound with tape and hospital robbed of dope. Cop is J.D. Berg. Morphine & narcotics […]

The Night Stalker (1989)

Richard Ramirez is escorted from a meeting in Judge Tynan’s chamber with defense attorneys on May 9, 1989. Night Stalker defendant Richard Ramirez in court on July 13, 1989, clad in black and wearing trademark sunglasses. Night Stalker defendant Richard Ramirez with his attorney, Daniel Hernandez, on July 22, 1988. Richard Ramirez in court on […]

LOS ANGELES COLLECTION: “Marilyn Chambers” (1989)

Portrait of Marilyn Chambers. About her past, Marilyn Chambers, star of several X-rated films, says, “I was never exploited. I was smarter than that. I exploited myself.” Photo dated: May 2, 1989. Photographer: Javier Mendoza

“Freeway Killer” (1989)

“Freeway Killer” William George Bonin was sentenced to death for the sex killings of 12 young men and boys in Los Angeles County in 1979-1980. He left their bodies often beside freeway ramps. Photo date: September 21, 1989. Photographer: Dean Musgrove

CALIFORNIA COLLECTION: Orange County – “Orange, California” (1970)

Orange County Fruit Exchange Building, Orange, California, ca. 1970 South Glassell Street looking south down the 100 block from the Orange Plaza Square, Orange, California, ca. 1970 Orange Plaza Square looking toward the northwest corner, Orange, California, ca. 1970 Plaza Square northeast quadrant in Orange, California, ca. 1970 North Glassell Street looking north down the […]

WILLIAM REAGH: Los Angeles – “Holly Hotel” (1960)

Exterior view of older apartment buildings at 330 South Spring Street, housing street-level retail stores and apartments above in Holly Hotel, in 1960. Included are Vost Leather Co.and Pioneer Dairy Lunch. Courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library

WILLIAM REAGH COLLECTION: “Varney Bungalow” (1965)

Exterior front view of the small two-story Varney bungalow, located on 3rd Street near Grand Avenue, in 1965. Cars are parked in the foreground. Mr. Varney had a shoe repair shop on 7th Street. Courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library


View of Le Sex Shoppe located at 5507 Hollywood Boulevard and Western Avenue. The storefront is completely covered with marquees and painted advertisements that read: “Books. Magazines. Film. Adult. General”; “Open 24 hrs. Books for all”; “Le Sex Shoppe”; “Adult marital aids. Novelties”; “Movie arcade .25 cents”, etc. Courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library