JEAN THOMAS COLLECTION: “Racoon Hollow” (1930’s)

The boy is probably Lora Thacker of Raccoon Hollow [Harlan County], Kentucky, who had been unable to stand upright until he was taken by Dr. Arthur Shade Jones, eastern head of the Kentucky Crippled Children Commission, to Stephenson orthopedic hospital in Ashland, Kentucky. Jean Thomas took an interest in him, and in Dr. Jones’ work, […]

KENTUCKY COLLECTION: “Jilson Setters” (1920’s)

Annabel Morris and Jean Thomas (wearing tam) stand behind fiddler Jilson Setters (a pseudonym for James William (J.W.) Day, 1860-1942). Item no. 1979.33.0310 in the Jean Thomas, The Traipsin’ Woman, Collection, University of Louisville Photographic Archives.