DOCUMERICA: Patricia Duncan – Elmdale, Kansas (1974)

Dr. And Mrs. Karl Menninger Attending the Second Annual Tallgrass Prairie National Park Conference Held at Elmdale Kansas, near Emporia. The Founder of the Famed Menninger Clinic in Topeka Was Honorary Chairman of the Conference and Gave an Inspirational Talk, “You Are Gathered Here Out of Love for One Another”. The Conference Was Attended by […]

DOCUMERICA: Patricia Duncan – Cottonwood Falls, Kansas (1973)

Woman Crosses the Street at Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, near Emporia. She Is One of Many Spectators Who Come to the Town for the Annual Flint Hills Rodeo and Parade. It Is a 19th Century “Cowboy” Town near a Possible Site for a Tall Grass Prairie National Park. The Rodeo Is a Major Cultural Event of […]