FSA COLLECTION: “Mexican Workers Recruited” (1943)

“Mexican workers recruited and brought to the Arkansas Valley, Colorado, Nebraska and Minnesota by the FSA (Farm Security Administration), to harvest and process sugar beets under contract with the Inter-mountain Agricultural Improvement Association.” 1943

FSA COLLECTION: Dorothea Lange – “Arkansas Hoosier” (1938)

An “Arkansas Hoosier” born in 1855. Conway, Arkansas. “My father was a Confederate soldier. He give his age a year older than it was to get into the army. After the war he bought 280 acres from the railroad and cleared it. We never had a mortgage on it. In 1920 the land was sold, […]

FSA ARCHIVE: Ann Rosener – “Conservation of Durable Goods” (1942)

Conservation of durable goods. Now is the time to take those nice long walks you always promised yourself. Carry those bundles home from your neighborhood stores and thus help conserve tires on your own car and your merchant’s delivery truck as well. Conservation of durable goods. There won’t be any more of these for many […]

FSA COLLECTION: Walker Evans – “Negro Flood Refugees” (1937)

Negro flood refugee in the Red Cross temporary infirmary of Forrest City, Arkansas. Negro flood refugees in the Red Cross temporary infirmary at Forrest City, Arkansas. Negroes in the lineup for food at mealtime in the camp for flood refugees, Forrest City, Arkansas. Negro girl in the temporary infirmary. Forrest City, Arkansas.

FSA COLLECTION: Dorothea Lange – “From Abilene, Texas” (1936)

Drought refugees from Abilene, Texas, following the crops of California as migratory workers. “The finest people in this world live in Texas but I just can’t seem to accomplish nothin’ there. Two year drought, then a crop, then two years drought and so on. I got two brothers still trying to make it back there […]

FSA COLLECTION: Ben Shahn – “Urbana, Ohio” (1938)

Business district of Urbana, Ohio. Ben Shahn, August, 1938. Urbana is a city in and the county seat of Champaign County, Ohio, United States,[3] 47 miles (76 km) west of Columbus. Urbana was laid out in 1805, and for a time in 1812 was the headquarters of the Northwestern army. Urbana was named after the […]