COLD WAR COLLECTION: “New Air Raid Siren Installed” (1963)

OCT 9 1963 Aurora, CO Siren Installed Aurora’s 13th civil defense siren is installed on the roof of South Junior High School at Park View Drive and Vaughn St. Present are (from left) Spencer C. Garrett, police chief; Red Miller, public works director; Ted Brewer, street superintendent; Tom Briggs, chief building inspector; Col. O. James […]

COLD WAR COLLECTION: “Students During Civil Defense Drill” (1961)

NOV 21 1961 Songs Occupy Two-Hour School Drill Music teacher Betty Moorhead plays the guitar and Mary Jo Schulz sings to entertain students at the Mitchell Elementary School in Golden during a unique two-hour Civil Defense drill Monday. The students were escorted into a long basement hall after a siren sounded a simulated attack. All […]

COLD WAR COLLECTION: “Evacuation Caravan” (1954)

DEC 6 1954 Lt. Gen. Henry L. Larsen (left foreground), state civil defense director, gives. some instructions to driver of the lead car in caravans moving out from an auto assembly area near Brighton in Sunday’s big civil defense evacuation test. A chartered bus and about 200 private cars carried about 1,000 Denverites to Weld […]

DOCUMERICA: David Hiser – Rifle, Colorado (1973)

Deer Hunters’ Kill Is Counted and Examined at Check Station North of Rifle by Employees of the Colorado Department of Fish and Game. the Information Is Used to Determine the Time and Duration of Next Year’s Season and What Type of Deer May Be Hunted. Rifle, Colorado, October, 1973.

DOCUMERICA: David Hiser – Rifle, Colorado (1973)

Mrs. Albers and her husband run the one remaining store in Grand Valley. As it became unprofitable to own and operate small ranches, the towns of the Piceance Basin faded. Mrs. Albers holds a photograph of the store that was taken in 1900. Rifle, Colorado, July, 1973