Cold War Family Bomb Shelter and Preparation (1950s)

    This bomb shelter is recommended by the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization as the best moderately priced protection for a family against radioactive fallout. Cost would range from $1,000 to $1,500.┬áJune 28, 1959.



Bomb Shelter for Family of 4-6 (1959)

JUN 28 1959 This bomb shelter is recommended by the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization as the best moderately priced protection for a family against radioactive fallout. Cost would range from $1,000 to $1,500.

Command Post (1968)

JUN 16 1968 This is a view of the Command Post, 185 below ground, in Abandoned Sidewinder Mine Civil defense co-ordinator William C. Melton, on phone, and his top aide, Phil Mull, in well-stocked shelter.

COLD WAR COLLECTION: “Red Dragon” (1967)

SEP 17 1967 William Traugh sits in the Driver’s seat of “Red Dragon,” the Mayor’s Command Car Vehicle. It would provide radio communication with all emergency agencies and is also equipped for emergency services.

Wounded Boy (1965)

JUL 14 1965 Bandage boxes are strewn on the ground at the “disaster” scene east of Brighton. “wounded” boy in stretcher is Mike Foltmer, 11, of 140 S. 5th Ave., Brighton.

Stocking the Bomb Shelters (1963)

JAN 16 1963 Shelters Are Well Stocked Jane Rademacher, left, of Highland Park, III., and Christine Taylor, right, of Dallas, Tex., aren’t part of the provisions of the civil defense fallout shelters on the University of Colorado campus. But they are helping in the effort to stock the shelters with food and medical supplies. Shelters […]

COLD WAR COLLECTION: “New Air Raid Siren Installed” (1963)

OCT 9 1963 Aurora, CO Siren Installed Aurora’s 13th civil defense siren is installed on the roof of South Junior High School at Park View Drive and Vaughn St. Present are (from left) Spencer C. Garrett, police chief; Red Miller, public works director; Ted Brewer, street superintendent; Tom Briggs, chief building inspector; Col. O. James […]

COLD WAR COLLECTION: “Students During Civil Defense Drill” (1961)

NOV 21 1961 Songs Occupy Two-Hour School Drill Music teacher Betty Moorhead plays the guitar and Mary Jo Schulz sings to entertain students at the Mitchell Elementary School in Golden during a unique two-hour Civil Defense drill Monday. The students were escorted into a long basement hall after a siren sounded a simulated attack. All […]

COLD WAR COLLECTION: “Women Take Cover” (1956)

JAN 18 1956 Denver women take cover under chairs, coffee table and other furniture. After the first alert phase, the women located and doused the smoke bomb. Then, with the bridge game forgotten, they held a civil defense meeting.

COLD WAR COLLECTION: “Civil Defense Contractor and Staff” (1956)

JUL 20 1956 Lt. Gen. Henry Larsen (right, foreground), Colorado civil defense director, and his staff are at their posts in the armory at 300 Logan St., awaiting the signal to start the Colorado phase of a nation-wide civil defense test Friday morning. At 10:48, a “red” alert set off an evacuation of civil defense […]

COLD WAR COLLECTION: “Tracking Planes” (1955)

FEB 27 1955 As the controllers find and follow the tracks of flying planes, they relay information to a plotter, shown at work here, who makes a visual presentation on a vertical plotting board. In this way, the “tracks” of aircraft may be seen at a glance. Men at the table in front of the […]

COLD WAR COLLECTION: “Evacuation Caravan” (1954)

DEC 6 1954 Lt. Gen. Henry L. Larsen (left foreground), state civil defense director, gives. some instructions to driver of the lead car in caravans moving out from an auto assembly area near Brighton in Sunday’s big civil defense evacuation test. A chartered bus and about 200 private cars carried about 1,000 Denverites to Weld […]

COLD WAR COLLECTION: “32 Hour Stay” (1965)

Anthony J Blanchard deputy director of Cambridge Civil Defense checks simulated radio activity before Susan really 199Central st Saugus and Mrs Rita Finland 5 Kippurs path Newton Center turn in for the night daring their recent 32 hours stay in an underground shelter.

COLD WAR COLLECTION: “Vital Information” (1969)

DEC 17 1969 Aurora Civil Defense Team Practices for Disaster In a simulated Civil Defense disaster last week, rescue teams in Aurora went to work to care for more than 160 “victims” of an explosion. At top left, Aurora firemen use the aerial ladder to check for fire in the roof of the building where […]

COLD WAR COLLECTION: “‘Burn’ Victim” (1965)

JUL 7 1965, JUL 10 1965, JUL 14 1965 Dr. E. C. Duerksen (left) of Brighton Community Hospital, and nurses aide Mrs. Bethyne Werner check with “victim” Mark Gustafson, 12, of 133 S. 11th Ave., Brighton, who suffered “burns” in the disaster. Duerksen and Mrs. Werner are from Brighton. Credit: Denver Post .

COLD WAR COLLECTION: “City Master Map” (1969)

APR 2 1969 Col. Allen, center, confers with John Powell, left, and Robert Weber, Denver city aides, as they review the status of the city master map, showing all hospitals, fire stations, police stations, water districts, and telephone networks, used to tell the condition of these points.