CALIFORNIA COLLECTION: Orange County – “Orange, California” (1970)

Orange County Fruit Exchange Building, Orange, California, ca. 1970 South Glassell Street looking south down the 100 block from the Orange Plaza Square, Orange, California, ca. 1970 Orange Plaza Square looking toward the northwest corner, Orange, California, ca. 1970 Plaza Square northeast quadrant in Orange, California, ca. 1970 North Glassell Street looking north down the […]

CALIFORNIA COLLECTION: Clarksburg, California – “Mexican Workers” (1942)

Floyd Halleck Higgins was born on May 15, 1886, in Keokuk, Iowa. After graduating from Iowa State College in Ames, he moved to Chicago and western Canada to work in a variety of public relations positions including Director of Public Relations, National Association of Farm Equipment Manufacturers (1922-1926). Higgins moved to California in 1927 where […]

CALIFORNIA COLLECTION: San Quentin Mugshots – “Alias Lord Ashburton” (1878)

George M. Saville alias Lord Ashburton alias H. Percy alias W.J. Hadley alias Charles Bertrand alias Big Griff was arrested in this city December 24th, 1878. He posed as an Englishman traveling for pleasure and uttered forged letters and checks on different Eastern Banks and also in Canada. Captain Lees arrested him in this city […]

CALIFORNIA COLLECTION: San Quentin Mugshots – “William Howe” (1926)

William Howe @ Arthur Chris Smith @ Nick Howe @ Andrew McAllister, No. 18436. August 30, 1886, sent to San Quentin for three years asslt. to rob from Los Ang. Oct. 17, 1889, sent to San Quentin ten years robbery from Los Angeles. Dec. 9, 1897, sent to Folsom for five years from San Francisco. […]

CALIFORNIA COLLECTION: San Quentin Mugshots – “Philomena Falkner” (1877)

Philomena Falkner, alias the “Galloping Cow”, the name given her on account of her awkward walk. She was another pickpocket from the Barbary Coast. She was sent to San Quentin Prison in 1877 for assault to do great bodily harm. A boy, who was selling wild ducks strung across his shoulders, happened to pass by […]

CALIFORNIA COLLECTION: San Quentin Mugshots – “Rhonde C. Wilson” (1924)

Rhonde C. Wilson: A native of Ohio. Age 28, 5 ft, 9¬ inches, 147 lbs. Blue eyes. M. Blond hair. Fair comp. Occupation, laborer. Arrested Dec. 27, 1924. Charge – Robbery. Det. Serg’ts. A. McQuaide – F. Lord – W. Proll. On March 26, 1924, together with Percy W. Beckley, alias W.P. Beckley, heldup and […]

CALIFORNIA COLLECTION: San Quention Mugshots – “Percy W. Beckley” (1925)

Percy W. Beckley, Alias, W.P. Beckley: A native of Penn. Age 40, 5’7-7/8 ” – 162 lbs. Blue eyes. Dark chest hair. Dark ruddy comp. Occupation R.R. Timekeeper. Arrested Feb. 17, 1925. Chg.: Robbery. Det. Serg’ts. A. McQuaide – F. Lord – W. Proll. On March 26, 1924, together with Rhonde C. Wilson, heldup and […]

CALIFORNIA COLLECTION: Agriculture Workers – “Jap Labor” (1906-1911)

“Jap laborers and white foremen”. [Japanese laborers and white foremen in a field.] Japanese, San Jose. [Children in street.] Jap farm laborers. Wife and son. [Japanese mother and son working in a field.] “Jap beet workers near Woodland”. [Japanese laborers tilling a field.] “Jap bed”. [Makeshift shelter for Japanese farm laborers.] Contributing Institution: The Bancroft […]

CALIFORNIA COLLECTION: San Francisco – “Linthcome Killing” (1967)

Linthcome killing. Skid marks visible in the 1969 pavement show how the police car occupied by patrolmen Roberts and Faust slid to the curb at a 45 degree angle, in pursuit of Alvert Joe Linthcome. Linthcome ran into the record shop (door to right of Huey Newton poster,) and leaned against a counter some three […]

CALIFORNIA COLLECTION: San Francisco – “Hunters Point” (1965-1971)

Bayview-Hunters Point is located in the extreme southeastern part of San Francisco, strung along the main artery of Third Street from India Basin to Candlestick Point. The boundary to the west is Interstate 280 and to the south Highway 101. The entire eastern portion of the neighborhood is the San Francisco Bay and the former […]