ALABAMA COLLECTION: “Impoverished African American Children” (1915)

Five impoverished and disheveled-looking African American children sit on the ground near their home. Original caption reads: “These five little Negro children show the conditions under which most southern children are brought up. When asked what they were eating they replied ‘ground peas’ (peanuts). They are not near enough to a Negro school to have […]

ALABAMA COLLECTION: “Former Slave Sitting on Porch” (1915)

Original caption reads: “J.R. Dean, a southern Negro, who at the age of 22 was released from slavery, went into debt to the amount of over $400 to buy a 200 acre farm. He was a hard worker and made good and still owns the farm, as well as a house and lot in Ashville. […]

ALABAMA COLLECTION: “African Americans Engaged in Yard Work” (1915)

African American man and boy use “sedge brush” brooms to sweep a dirt yard as two women – possibly social workers or Agricultural Extension employees – look on. The brush broom, made by tying a bundle of brush together, was used in the south for rough sweeping around the yard. Seale, Alabama

ALABAMA COLLECTION: “African American Tenant Farmers at Barbecue” (1915)

African American tenant farmers assembled for a barbecue. The tenants worked for Louis Frank Sessions who appears in the front row, third from the left (wearing a light colored hat). To his right is Miss Helen Holden of Chicago. The barbecue followed a lecture by International Harvester’s Agricultural Extension Department. According to the original caption, […]