“Savage Abduction” (1975)

Original 1975 National Screen Service photos for the low budget biker exploitation film Savage Abduction aka Cycle Psycho, The Bloody Slaying of Sarah Ridelander, The Abduction of Sarah Ridelander.

TA.TV: “Linda’s Film on Menstration” (1974)

A 1974 film about menstruation financed by the Creative Artists Public Service Program of the New York State Council of the Arts(CAPS), a program that ran from 1970 to 1981. Fifteen year old Judy has just gotten her first period and tries to explain it to her befuddled boyfriend Johnny. In contrast to most menstruation […]


*DIRECTOR: JACK HILL *STUDIO/DATE: NEW WORLD PICTURES. *STARS: Judith Brown … Collier (as Judy Brown) Roberta Collins … Alcott Pam Grier … Grear Brooke Mills … Harrad Pat Woodell … Bodine Sid Haig … Harry Christiane Schmidtmer … Miss Dietrich