T.A. WAR COLLECTION: “Japanese Watch Bulletins as the War Starts” (1941)

“Japanese in Little Tokyo are shown watching bulletins as the war started. Here is a bulletin posted on a wall of one of the buildings. “Our people are stunned by this,” said Carl Ikamure (the man nearest the bulletin). “We can’t believe the Japanese government would order such a bombing at this time.” Similar statements […]

PRESS COLLECTION: “Ringling Brothers Circus Tragedy” (1947)

Tragedy struck the Alzana Aerial troupe during the final Miami showing of Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus. Harold Alzana, was to ride a bicyle acrss a high wire with his sister, Hild, and another ssister Elsie swung beneath the wire from trapezes attached to the hubs of the bicycle. Miami, Florida, 11-21-1947.

TA.TV: Propaganda – “The Secret of American Production” (1947)

More anti-comminist propaganda courtesy of everyone’s favorite “noted young historian,” Prof. Clifton Ganus Jr., who has the ability of to cloud our minds with his cute oversized props, his clever way of speaking, and, of course, his disdain for all things not American. This film is fairly typical in the series of films that came […]

FSA ARCHIVE: Ann Rosener – “Conservation of Durable Goods” (1942)

Conservation of durable goods. Now is the time to take those nice long walks you always promised yourself. Carry those bundles home from your neighborhood stores and thus help conserve tires on your own car and your merchant’s delivery truck as well. Conservation of durable goods. There won’t be any more of these for many […]