FSA COLLECTION: Ben Shahn – “Urbana, Ohio” (1938)

Business district of Urbana, Ohio. Ben Shahn, August, 1938. Urbana is a city in and the county seat of Champaign County, Ohio, United States,[3] 47 miles (76 km) west of Columbus. Urbana was laid out in 1805, and for a time in 1812 was the headquarters of the Northwestern army. Urbana was named after the […]

FSA COLLECTION: Dorothea Lange – “Memphis, Tennessee” (1938)

In Memphis, Tennessee hundreds of colored laborers congregated near the bridge every morning at daylight in hopes of work chopping cotton on a plantation. They are hauled to and from work on trucks. Reduced cotton acreage has made employment scarce for this class of seasonal labor in all towns. “You can’t live the commonest way […]

FSA COLLECTION: Dorothea Lange – “Between Dallas and Austin” (1936)

Family between Dallas and Austin, Texas. The people have left their home and connections in South Texas, and hope to reach the Arkansas Delta for work in the cotton fields. Penniless people. No food and three gallons of gas in the tank. The father is trying to repair a tire. Three children. Father says, “It’s […]

FSA COLLECTION: Dorothea Lange – “Oklahoma Refugees” (1936)

Drought refugees from Oklahoma camping by the roadside. They hope to work in the cotton fields. The official at the border (California-Arizona) inspection service said that on this day, August 17, 1936, twenty-three car loads and truck loads of migrant families out of the drought counties of Oklahoma and Arkansas had passed throught that station […]