TA.TV: Esther Bubley – “A Life in Photography”

Award-winning photojournalist Esther Bubley is recognized for both her artistic composition and her superb story telling ability. Bubley’s career in documentary photography and photojournalism was launched in 1942 when Roy Stryker hired her to work in his dark room at the Office of War Information (OWI), where his famed Farm Security Administration (FSA) photographic project had recently been transferred. In 1944, Bubley followed Stryker to the Standard Oil Company (New Jersey) (SONJ) where he was charged with compiling a photographic library. Bubley was a freelancer for Standard Oil for the rest of the 1940s and 1950s. She simultaneously developed a thriving career separate from Stryker, working for a variety of clients — including Life magazine, the Ladies’ Home Journal, the Children’s Bureau, Pepsi-Cola International, Pan American World Airways, and UNICEF — who sent her on assignments throughout the continental United States and around the world. Video by Sam Anderson.


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