FSA ARCHIVE: Ann Rosener – “Conservation of Durable Goods” (1942)

Conservation of durable goods. Now is the time to take those nice long walks you always promised yourself. Carry those bundles home from your neighborhood stores and thus help conserve tires on your own car and your merchant’s delivery truck as well.
Conservation of durable goods. There won’t be any more of these for many months, so see that yours stays in good condition. Keep the brush clean, see that the vacuum is not forced to inhale pins, bits of wire, metal. The brush in place is free of hair, strings, etc..
Conservation of durable goods. That’s no idle whim of Uncle Sam’s; these empty tubes you turn in before buying more are converted into essential products. Vital tin and alloy metals conserved by this procedure.
Conservation of durable goods. And if you must use your car, don’t neglect the tires, keep them properly inflated and have them checked frequently. Treat them gently when parking and stopping and don’t let them stand in oily or greasy places. It will be some time before you can buy new ones, so make them last as long as you possibly.

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