CIVIL RIGHTS COLLECTION: “Chicago Civil Rights Stall-ins” (1964)

Protesters picketing in front of the State of Illinois Building on LaSalle Street in Chicago, April 22, 1964. The were supporting the stall-in civil rights protests in New York for the World’s Fair.By the spring of 1964, movements in New York City against racial discrimination had reached a fevered pitch. Minimal advancements from previous campaigns led activists to abandon non-violent direct action protests that had sought to fight racism from within the cityos liberal reform institutions. With its plan for a traffic stopping -stall-in- on the opening day of the 1964 Worldos Fair, Brooklynos chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) initiated a new approach in its fight against racism: instead of working within the municipal system to negotiate change in power structures, it would force biased labor unions, the segregated education system, and an indifferent government administration to meet its demands immediately, or it would disrupt the entire city. Protests from the summer of 1963 illustrate the activistso frustrations with token advancements.

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